Hello there and welcome to the Travellers Cookbook, this is my personal cookbook full of recipes and techniques that i have come across over the years and throughout my travels within my country and across the world. First lets say a little bit about myself.

My name is Joshua-James Healey and i am a Qualified baker, Patissier and Gelatician from New Zealand. I started out in a supermarket in June 2011 and over the course of 6 years qualified as a level three baker before later qualifying level four with experience in bread, cake, pastry and chocolate. Going on to study Pastry, Desserts & Specialty bread and Gelato at the Italian Culinary Institute of Calabria in May 2017 under the guidance of Chef John Nocita and Chef Marco Pinna.

This Recipe book is a way for me to save my recipes for easy access for myself and for me to share them with the world, so feel free to open a bag of flour, get your rolling pin at the ready and start your mixer and try a recipe or three. Dont hesitate to Email me any questions or problems and ill try to respond in a decent time. I hope to upload a new recipe every Friday and if possible more then one a week.

I hope to have recipes for all from sugar-free to gluten-free and everything in-between including the organic and vegan among you.