PUFF PASTRY (French Method)



1200g        Pastry Flour

20g            Salt/Sugar (Optional)

80g            Butter (Unsalted)

650g          Cold Water (variable)



650g         Butter Sheet (Unsalted)



  1. Add Salt/Sugar to Flour.
  2. Place Flour and group 1 butter in mixing bowl and mix lightly to a slight crumb with a hook attachment.
  3. Add Water and mix until a light dough has formed.
  4. Roll out dough into a flat even square.
  5. place Butter Sheet square in a diamond shape on the dough and fold all four corners of dough to the center to fully cover butter like a parcel.
  6. let rest for 5 mins then roll out in one direction.
  7. fold both ends towards the center and the fold over again to mimic a book.
  8. leave to rest in chiller for 5mins.
  9. roll out pastry in opposite direction of fold.
  10. complete another book turn and repeat steps 8 and 9 again till a full 3 book turns are achieved.
  11. rest in fridge for 10 minutes then use as per required.




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