500g        Beef/Pork Mince

500g         Sausage Meat

50g            Salt

30g            Cracked Pepper

100g          Tomato Relish

75g            Worchester Sauce

50g             Soy Sauce

2                 Garlic Cloves

40g             Mixed Herbs

10g              Olive oil



  1. place mince and sausage meat with Salt, Pepper, Herbs, Olive oil and Garlic in a mixing bowl with a paddle attachment.
  2. mix on low-medium speed till all ingredients are just mixed.
  3. slowly add tomato relish on a slow speed followed by Worchester and Soy sauce.
  4. Mix on medium speed till well combined and smooth.


HELPFUL TIPS – I like to add a teaspoon or two of curry powder and even some Balsamic Vinegar just to give it some added kick. If you find the mix to be too wet add soem breadcrumbs slowly while mixing if its too hard add a little water to smooth it up.






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