The Dream.


Hello to my first Projects post, this area is more for whats happening in my personal life when it comes to building up my career path, building up to achieve my own goals, other ideas and projects i may come up with along the way and in the long term the background bio of my business (that’s when i get that far that is 😛 )


Anyone who knows me would probably say im a big dreamer, i have big goals for myself and i hope one day to achieve them (one day) i hope to start up my own business in the next 5 years, get my name out there so i can achieve what i set out to do.

what do you set out to do you ask? (Glad you ask otherwise im writing this projects category for nothing 😀 )


my plan is to one day own my own bakery, cafe and pizzeria. so ill come back to that, to start this up i hope to within the next 5 years start up not one but two food truck projects, First off would be a wood-fire pizza food-truck with a built in fryer serving wood-fire pizza, chunky beer batter fry’s, sandwiches and other Italian pizza items which are not yet available in my country (cant tell you what, its a secret. lets just say it tastes amazing, sounds amazing and we definitely need it in New Zealand).  Second food-truck or more so not food-truck more like the stress relief truck, i hope to find a old fashion ambulance, cut open the side and install a coffee machine selling slices, cookies and pasty with the back opening up to display a seasonal gelato range (the whole hot and cold remedy style) because another thing New Zealand is missing out is good old fashion Italian gelato.


with these two trucks ill get out my name providing fresh, high quality, good tasting and smelling products to the general populace in an easy manner with a smile. the next step is to then start a solid built in business, for this i want a walk in bakery, cafe and pizzeria running from first thing in the morning to late at night. imaging walking down the street and there building this building with a ambulance crashed into its side. but wait, its on purpose it is infact the hot and cold remedy car, serving coffees to you fresh first thing on your way to work, even before the shop opens. an easy grab coffee or gelato straight from the shop window without having to enter the actual bakery. next we walk through the front door of the shop, one giant blackboard covering one side covered in cute and funny pictures as well as your typical buy-able items with descriptions and prices, along this wall is the whole open layout of a bakery, open enough for the people to see whats going on and feel apart of the friendly atmosphere, racks on the walls fill of fresh bread, chilled cabinets filled with gelato,sandwiches, pastry’s, slices, sweets, chocolates and cafe cakes. in the center of the bakery space a giant wood-fire oven shaped as the mouth of a mighty dragon. to the other wall rustic wooden seating and tables, couches and lounges, beanbags and stools. all the needed comfort to enjoy your stay inside this warm atmosphere, along the wall covered in art, pictures full of memories from starting up the project to now. on to walking out the back where we find more seating and the pizza truck sitting ready for use during busy periods or the every now and then stroll out to the waterfront or events.


this for me is my goal what i want to create, this is my dream and what i strive to achieve. its big, its very big and not very simple but yet still achievable and i have the knowledge and talent to achieve this (or so i think) and since at time of writing this post i am 22 years and 6 months old with lvl 3 and 4 certificates and baking as well as certificate in italian breads, pastry and cakes as well as Italian training in gelato so it also helps to have my end goal set and ready to go, trained and lots of time. but this being such a big goal i will have to find and surround myself with like minded people to make this not only successful but also an amazing place to work.


Sorry for the long post…. but hey first projects post done 🙂


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