Tonkatsu (Fried Pork Cutlet)


400g        Pork Steaks (cutlet, loin or fillet)

1               Egg

1tsp          Vegetable Oil

100g         Soft Breadcrumbs

50g           Flour

Pinch of Salt



  1. take as much fat of your pork steaks as possible, pound meat with a meat pounder then squash together back to original form.
  2. season lightly with salt and pepper, roll steaks in flour and leave to sit for a minute.
  3. in a bowl whisk egg and oil, dip floured steaks in egg till soaked up then coat in breadcrumbs. once again dip crumbed steaks in egg mix then crumbs once more.
  4. place double coated steaks in pan of frying vegetable oil and cook slowly constantly flipping to cook steaks thoroughly. place off to side on a plate.
  5. slice thinly and place in a lightly greased frying pan to reheat before serving or give extra cooking if necessary.

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