PUFF PASTRY (French Method)

INGREDIENTS GROUP 1 1200g        Pastry Flour 20g            Salt/Sugar (Optional) 80g            Butter (Unsalted) 650g          Cold Water (variable)   GROUP 2 650g         Butter Sheet (Unsalted)   PROCEDURE Add Salt/Sugar to Flour. Place Flour and group 1 butter in mixing bowl and mix lightly to a slight crumb with…


INGREDIENTS. 400g                  Pastry Flour. 10g                    Salt. 220g                  Butter (Unsalted) 100g                  Water.   PROCEDURE. Sift flour and salt into a mixing bowl. Add butter cut in small chunks to flour mixture and mix on a low speed with a hook attachment till resembles a fine crumb. Add water to mix slowly till forms a light dough….