Meringue (Italian Style)

INGREDIENTS Group 1 400g        Castor Sugar 150g         Water Group 2 200g         Egg Whites 200g         Castor Sugar 20g           Vanilla Extract   PROCEDURE. Boil together group 1 in a pot until it reaches 123 degrees, cool slightly off to the side. Whisk group 2 Egg whites slowly add vanilla extract followed by sugar till…

Ciabatta – Poulish Style

INGREDIENTS Group 1 300g        Flour 6g            Yeast 300g        Water Group 2 700g        Flour 14g          Gluten flour 8g             Yeast 540g         Water Group 3 30g            Salt 15g             Olive Oil   PROCEDURE. Mix together all group 1 Ingredients, cover and leave for at-least 12 hours. Combine group 1 with group 2  flours, yeast and water….