Apple, Sultana Crumble Cake

INGREDIENTS 3              Eggs 200g        Unsalted Butter 200g         Sugar 20g           Vanilla Extract 250g         Flour 10g           Salt 40g           Baking Powder 5g              Cinnamon 90g            Lukewarm Milk 400g          Coarsely Grated Apples 170g          Chopped Walnuts or Pecans 100g          Sultanas Icing Sugar to decorate   PROCEDURE. Grease a 26cm round cake tin and line with baking paper….


INGREDIENTS Group 1 200g        Potatoes or Kumara 200g         Water 200g         Flour 2g              Yeast (or 100g of Yeast starter dough) 50g            Honey Syrup Group 2 750g           Flour 25g              Salt 25g              Butter 25g               Honey Syrup 200g              Water   PROCEDURE. In a pot place your peeled potatoes/ Kumara and water, put on boil till softened….


INGREDIENTS 4               Egg Whites 300g         Castor Sugar 5g             Vanilla Extract 10g           Corn Flour a pinch of salt   PROCEDURE. Whisk egg whites on high till it becomes white and slightly stiff, slowly add sugar and pinch of salt until all is…