INGREDIENTS Group 1 200g        Potatoes or Kumara 200g         Water 200g         Flour 2g              Yeast (or 100g of Yeast starter dough) 50g            Honey Syrup Group 2 750g           Flour 25g              Salt 25g              Butter 25g               Honey Syrup 200g              Water   PROCEDURE. In a pot place your peeled potatoes/ Kumara and water, put on boil till softened….

Sponge Dough Baguette

INGREDIENTS Group 1 650g        Flour 15g           Salt Group 2 8g             Yeast 400g         Water 25g            Olive oil   PROCEDURE. Combine Group 1 flour and salt. Set 250g of the flour/salt mixture aside. Combine group 2 excl. 3g of yeast and add to the remaining flour/salt and mix…